We are Luis and Monica Pacheco, and 10 years ago we had a brilliant idea to open a top notch Hotel for Pets.
Both Luis nor I had ever stepped inside a Kennel in our entire lives, before designing our own.

We built the Pet Hotel, in the way we would like to see our pets cared for! We started out with one idea at a time, until we created an atmosphere of warmth, comfort and a home away from home for our furry friends.
The Cat house sits separate from the dogs area. We have 9 tall cat rooms, with special shelves for the kitties to hang out on, 2 per room.
If we have few kitties, we have designed the cat house rooms with inserts that slide out, so one kitty might have a huge condo, depending on our reservations. Feather toys hanging from the ceilings, scratch posts, even fresh cat nip is dusted around the area.
Many dog owners think leaving their pet home, with a maid feeding the animal, in its own surroundings is a good idea. WE, at Cabo Kennels tend to differ.
"They will be more comfortable in their own home", say some owners. You, the owners make the house a home, and YOU ARE NOT THERE!
While you are gone, no matter days or weeks, you pet is sitting by the door, waiting and waiting for you to return. How many of you like to wait for things to happen. Not many, I presume.

When you take a dog out of their natural environment, you allow a dog to be a dog. Here at Cabo Kennels, each day is filled with excitement, play time and new friends.
The dogs are constantly rotated into a play area. There is no nap time here, as there are always dogs coming in from play area, or going out. We match dogs (depending on the owners wishes) by size and personality. Some dogs stroll around the garden, some run in circles, some jump in the kiddie swimming pools, and some just bask in the sun on the lounge chair. We put no demands on our guests here.

How many of you owners can actually say you walk your pet 15 times a day? Here at Cabo Kennels, the pets go out 15-20 times in a 12 hour period.

At night, we have a sound machine in the rooms, of birds and ocean waves crashing on the beach. The pets are pooped, and generally sleep through the night.

Included in our nightly rate, food and a shampoo 2 hours before pick up time. You come home to a happy, healthy, clean pooped out pooch.

Think about how happy your pet is when it is time for its daily walk........they love to check out new things! Isn´t it time your pet had a vacation too?

Contact us soon.......... 10 years of Pet behavior experience. We know Dogs and Cats!
Alyeska (left) Citiva (right).......... These two girls kept Cabo Kennels alive when we first opened.
The owner Flynt, drove from cabo 5 days a week, monday through friday just for day care for 5 years.
These girls were like my children, and Flynt became like a brother to us! Both girls are now chasing butterflies and smelling flowers in the meadows of Gods world.......... We miss you sweet Girls!

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From Canada and the USA: 011.52.624.146.2185