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Cabo Kennels offer Pet Pickup in the Pet Taxi.

Local: 146.2185
Office 624 14 621 85 
Móvil 624 160 34 31 
From Canada and the USA: 011.52.624.146.2185

Whats App 624 160 3431 

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Leaving for your long term summer vacation?
Call us for our Cabo Kennels special long term rates.
We can tailor make a plan for you
If you are a multi pet owner enquire about our multi pet rates.

Included in our nightly rate, food and a shampoo 2 hours before pick up time.
20 years of Pet behavior experience. We know Dogs and Cats.

Shaded dip pool & daily treats.
Isn't it time your pet had a vacation too?
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Dear Monica,
I wanted to just drop you a note to tell you how much Morgan LOVES coming to your kennel. The moment we stop the car in front of your door, she runs anyone over to get in. That tells me she is enjoying the stay and makes me feel so much better about leaving. Please keep doing what you all are doing is working for our family.
Thanks again,
Puerto Los Cabos,Mexico/ Newport Beach,California

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"My name is Gitana and I just turned seven, I have been going to Cabo Kennels my entire life, from when I was a puppy and my family wanted to leave me there "Permanetly" until now. This is my favorite place to stay in the whole world, its even better than all the other places like it in the USA. When my folks tell me we are going there, I get so excited and I am out of control. I am also the same way when they pick me up. Thats when I get to tell them about all the fun stuff I did all day. I have so many old and new friends there we all get reaquainted everytime my folks have to do a day of shopping, stay overnight in Cabo or San Jose, or just want a quiet meal. I live in Los Barriles, but its a fun drive going there and back, and I have lots of cows and goats to look at.......I wouldn't stay anywhere else in Los Cabos. (I do wish they had a "franchise " in La Paz)

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It is a very special time for Diana & Maxi staying at Cabo Kennels while I travel I can see they love it as they run to the garden as soon as we get in with a happy face, even though, I am sad because I leave them behind but, I know they love being pampered at Cabo Kennels. We live in a 2nd floor apartment so garden time it is only early mornings and late evening when I get home. Over the weekend we spend more time there but not as much as they do at Cabo Kennels. I also love the idea of having their own room in which I they have their own bed and toys, it is like being home with a big garden specially if Carmen is around to “tickle” them. Gracias!
Teodora Catalan Sales Manager Hilton Los Cabos.

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We got our beloved Paco, a West Highland Terrier in Kentucky in 1996 when he was 12 weeks old and brought him to Cabo to live with us. We always took him everywhere with us as we were afraid to board him in a Kennel.
Then Cabo Kennels opened their doors May 2002. My husband John stopped at Cabo Kennels to see what the setting was all about and found this is not an ordinary kennel. This is rooms, just like a hotel, more like a 4* hotel. The rooms each have a different mural on the wall that Monica herself painted. John came home excited and told me he found an incredible place for Paco to go when we travel , and that he talked with Monica and she was very friendly and caring for the animals. My first response was “no way, he is a pedigree dog and sometimes these high bred animals have attitudes and to kennel him will ruin him” Kennel to me meant being shut in a cage for days. He convinced me to just go look at it.
I met Monica and she showed me the grounds of the resort. The accommodations were everything my husband said and more. The love that Monica and Luis give these dogs is unbelievable treat them as they do their own two Golden Retrievers.
We tried it leaving Paco for the first time and Paco was in 7th heaven. After his first visit it became a treat for him to be able to go play with his friends. We told him he was going to “ doggie day care” and he would run to the door to get in the car to go. Once we were at the hotel, he would scratch to get out of the car, and taking him inside he went straight to the yard to find his friends to play. He could care less we were leaving him but instead he was always excited to go on vacation himself.
Paco left us last month to go home to doggie heaven. We enjoyed his presence and friendship for fourteen years. Upon his passing Monica was at our side and is still at our side understanding what a great loss this has been for us. If you want First Class care for your pets, the same love and attention you give them at home, then take them to Cabo Kennels for the time of their lives!

Coleen Fagan
Founder/Senior Consultant
Baja Weddings

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Liz Dunlop
San Jose del Cabo.
Dear Monica,
Just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of POLO.
 To meet me at Aramburos to pick him up and do the same on the way back from the airport on my return  was just fabulous and really "going the extra mile 'and so much appreciated!
I was so impressed by your kennels! Clean and  airy and each dog treated as an individual!!!
I will be using you again and recommending you to all my dog loving friends.
Kind regards
To whom it may concern
As a pet owner who is concerned with the quality of care my pets receive when I have to
leave them; I was very happy to find Cabo Kennels and Monica Pacheco. After meeting Monica and seeing her Pet Hotel, I knew my animals were going to be well cared for in a loving atmosphere. Having boarded my pets in California when I traveled on business, I had high expectations; which Monica and her staff totally exceeded. She believes in treating her “guests” as if they were her own.

Over the past five years, my pets have stayed at Cabo Kennels many times, and it’s always been a positive experience.
This is not your average kennel, the difference being the love and attention that comes from everyone your pet comes in contact with.
Monica and staff have one priority and that is the well being and care of your precious pet. Her knowledge of breeds and their tendencies is exceptional, and her insight allows her to know which dogs in her care will make friends on the play yard.
Always the professional; Monica is always looking for new ways to improve and expand on her services both to the animals and their owners, ensuring them an even more enjoyable experience. She is dedicated to her four legged friends and it’s obvious from
all the wagging tails that they appreciate it.

My dog Myla and cat Baby always enjoy their vacation time at Cabo Kennels with Auntie Monica, and I know they are getting the best of care


Jane Durbin
Myla & Baby
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Cabo the Cat and Cali the Poodle's "HOME away from HOME"

Dear Fellow Loved Pet,
We just wanted to let you know that when "Mom" and "Dad" head off to the U.S. to see the rest of the family they always leave us with Monica at the Pet Resort. They won't leave us any other place because they know "We Love the Pet Resort". At the Pet Resort they treat us like we are their own special pets. I, "Cabo the Cat", am loved. You see I am unique, as I am the biggest cat to stay at the resort. And, I am friendly. When I go there I have a special place in the Cattery. I am talked to, brushed and fed as if I were with Mom and Dad.

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And, I, "Cali the Poodle" am treated with care. You see I am an "old" dog, now 14 years old. I am taken out to the playyard and to go "Pottie" many times during the day. I am brushed, and bathed, and fed twice daily. When I go to the playyard I am even matched up with an appropriate playmate. Last time I stayed at the Pet Resort there was a handsome black poodle who joined me. That's better than at home!

"Mom" and "Dad" are ever-so-pleased with the care that we have received over the last five years. I bet your "parents" will like it, too!

Hope to see you there!
"Cabo the Cat" and "Cali the Poodle"
Interpreted by Sandy and Bob Zwick
Hola Monica,

Thanks so much to you and Luis and your staff for taking such good care of Bouli during my visit to the US. While I hate to leave him, it's great to know when I have to be away that he is in excellent hands and gets all the care and love he needs. He is fine now at home and happy playing with his new toys and swimming in "his" pool again. I'll be in touch before my next trip.

All the best,

Kate Coffield

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At night, we have a sound machine in the rooms, of birds and ocean waves crashing on the beach.
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