Directions to Cabo Kennels.

Take Highway 1 straight thru San Jose in the direction towards the airport. You will eventually pass Soriannas on your right.
Keep going straight thru at least 4 more traffic lights, until you get to the light that has the name "Ernesto Arumburo" above it. Get into the lefthand lane at that traffic light and make a U turn. (You are now in the direction as going back towards Cabo)
200 yards on the right hand side of the street, you will see a Pemex gas station. Take a right turn at the Pemex. Keep driving straight ahead until you get to the 3rd stop sign (this will be at least 10 blocks until you get to the third stop sign.)

At the third stop, on your right will be an OXXO store.(this is a land mark) Go straight 3 more blocks and take a right. We are the second building on the right.
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Local: 146.2185
Office 624 14 621 85 
Móvil 624 160 34 31 
From Canada and the USA: 011.52.624.146.2185

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